Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yummy and Oh so quick!


I have had a "hankerin" for some lentil soup lately. I keep the ingredients in the cupboard just in case I ever decide to make it. This week I finally did. I put it on my menu plan, and actually followed through.

I don't know why I put this off for so long. It's so quick and easy and DE-Licious!

Lentil Soup My Way ( serves 4)

Extra Virgin Olive oil (enough to lightly coat bottom of pan)
1 whole onion, diced
4 garlic cloves, crushed
1 carrot, peeled and diced
8oz mushrooms, sliced
1 box Vegetable stock (I buy the kind without tomato as the base)
1 1/2 c. lentils
2c. water
1T. tomato paste
1t. chicken base
1T. dried parsley
1/4t. thyme

salt and pepper to taste

Extra Virgin Olive oil
Parmesan cheese

Over medium heat saute onions until slightly translucent.
Stir in carrots, mushrooms and garlic and cook for an additional 10 minutes or until mushrooms are softened and onions are golden.

Add stock, water, chicken base and lentils. Simmer over low heat until lentil are tender (around 20 minutes).

Add parsley and thyme, taste for seasoning, simmer an additional 10 minutes.

Garnish in bowls with a drizzle of EVOO and Parmesan cheese. Serve with crusty Italian bread.

YUM!..makes me hungry for it all over again.

I'm a cook that never measures so I've had to guess on the measurements here. If you like your soup a little more soup-y add more water.