Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cure for the Common Cold

It's official. The first cold of the season has struck my home. 5yo was the first to come down with it. Sniffles, drippy nose, a touch grouchy. By day 3 I thought she was on the mend, just as I was starting to feel the worst affects of it. Friday night, she woke up crying.."It hurts, it hurts!" I didn't know what at first. She said it was her head, but wouldn't be consoled. Then the truth. Her ears were hurting. At 2am, in a dead sleep, all I could think about was relieving her so we could all rest. All of us were awake. She was pretty loud.

I tried a snuggle, warm air, ...finally I remembered the ibuprofen and ear drops I had squirreled away and the rice sock I had made. She eventually went back to sleep, but before long was awake again. We slept very little.

To make a long story short, we didn't do the ER (although it crossed my mind...middle of the night loud crying can push one over the edge). I bought some garlic ear oil, benedryl, and liquid echinacea/astragalus. Sunday morning she woke up humming.

My ears are a little touchy too. We spent the whole weekend in our jammies in front of the tv. Not much fun, but we got our rest and are feeling much better.

10yo hasn't had so much as a symptom, but I've been dosing her up with the immune supporters so she hopefully won't catch it.

I hate to be sick. HATE IT! This time I guess I took it lying down a little. I usually am very militant about prayer, positive confession, and HERBS. Next time...for sure.