Monday, October 13, 2008

Had a bad day...

(insert that parting music from American Idol here...)

I had a bad day yesterday. I really did. I started off just fine, with church and a family lunch, but then Hubs was home and didn't go to church or to lunch so we rushed home after we ate to 'spend some quality time.'

Lets just say that's when things went downhill. As soon as we walked in the door he was picking on 5yo and shoving his laptop in my face asking me to 'fix it.' Then he started yapping about finances(not that I hadn't handled them right, but rather like: there never seems tobe enough), and arguing with a credit card company. All of this without a proper hello. (Did I mention we hadn't seen him in two weeks due to work?)

All those things were enough to put me on edge (nervous), but then I read some news that took me by surprise, and made me all the more edgy (irritated). The day kept spiralling downhill until around oh,...11pm. Then I guess it started to go back up when it was finally bedtime.

I hate days like that!!! I hate even more that I allow myself to have them.

If I set my face 'as flint' when those smaller things start to build up, I can choose to have a better day. When I choose to let circumstances get the better of me, I usually end up totally blowing it. Yesterday was the later.

Today I woke up and felt clearer. Much lighter and ready to face the day.

I haven't' had one of those day in a while, don't like 'em, don't wanna repeat it. Nuff said.