Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Random Favorites

Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings....

Okay so I totally just ripped of Julie Andrew's character in the sound of music. I can't help but think of that song though when I think about things I like. (Have I mentioned I think in music? only about a dozen times.)

So here is my randomly generated list of favorite things:
1.four years old
2. Followed closely by 5 years old
3. Then three years old
4. who am I kidding? babies are pretty darn cute too.
5.A hot drink on a cool morning.
6. sleeping in late and waking up to a comfortable day of daydreaming and jammies with garlic
8.a night sky filled with stars
9. talking to a friend underneath that night sky
10. worship so intense that I forget my feet are still touching earth
11.floating in a still, ripple-free swimming pool when I'm the only one in it
12. warm sunshine across my shoulders and back, making my hair feel warm and cinnamon-y
13.fresh tomatoes picked hot right off the vine and popped into your mouth.
14.digging in the warm earth then filling the hole with a plant and watering it until the soil grows muddy
15. singing in a room with great acoustics without worrying someone may actually hear me (the lobby of walmart is great, but the greeters always smile and wave so, I think they hear me...)
16. having my 10yo sing along in harmony
17. freshly fallen snow in the moonlight that no one else has walked through yet
18 walking through that fresh snow and breathing in the cold crisp air, daydreaming about spring, and looking up at that big big sky
19.Fresh sheets
20. sitting down to a long hot shower and letting the water roll over my head and face