Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is how we do it

...all hands are in the air..." (10 points if you know this song.)

Have you ever wondered how other people do things? Am I the only wierdo that thinks about what other people eat, watch on tv, or clean their home with? I can't be.

In light of my curiosity about others, here is a list of "How we do it."

1. Food-
We eat as naturally as possible. I make most foods from scratch. I ALWAYS read labels (I have since I was pregnant w/ 10yo...11years ago.) I don't buy foods with MSG, "natural flavorings," high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated anything. Nope. The rare exceptions would be the occasional candy corn, or bag of chips...all things in moderation. Even the healthy stuff. 8P (j/k) I DONT buy pop tarts, fruitloops, Eggos, or pizza rolls. All that junk is ...ewww...it just makes me shiver.

2. Cleaning
I am a neat-o-holic.

My name is _ _ _ _ _ _ and I am a clean freak. (admission is the first step.)

Unfortunatly, I live with a house full of messies, so my stuff isn't always as neat as I like. I'm the kind of person that disinfects my tooth brush on a regular basis. I like things to be not only neat, but clean and sanitary. Hand sanitizer is in all my vehicles, my purse, and anywhere else I can stash a bottle in case of lack of access to soap and water. (For the record, I prefer soap and water.)

I make my own cleaning products. I don't use nasty harsh chemicals. In fact, I've hardly ever used the typical arsenal of cleasers. It used to be just comet, some bleach spray, and a little lysol for the floors. Now I blend baking soda, borax, vinegar, bleach and plain old water to make all my cleansers. I alternate between homemade and Arm&Hammer Essentuals laundry detergant (with a tiny bottle of T-d- for the emergency type uses..truly I can do without it.)

I love a freshly vacuumed floor. My dream is to own a Dyson, but Hubs is much too cheap to see my side of this. Frugal...yeah...lets just say he's frugal.

We do a daily tidy up and our deep clean on Saturday. We don't leave the house on Saturday until it's done, even if that means staying home all day.

Okay, ...this is a long one. I'll make it short by saying we are currently watching 1 or 2 hours a day, in the evening at bedtime. I can't help the fact that I like to unwind before bed with a little boob-tube.

Our watch list is this:
Heroes (eery and creepy in a comic book type way)
PBS type shows, (nat. geographic, discovery, history etc...)
Food Network (we like this channel a lot but only DVR Good Eats. We just love A.B.),
Turner Classic Movies - I like that old stuff and my girls do too. We DVR what we want to watch and then view at our convenience.
We also love LOST (but, ...I need to check when the new season starts.) Occasionally we DVR something off another movie channel. Basically we LOVE our DVR. It's mostly what we watch.

Disney used to be a regular around here, but I find most of the shows to be utterly repulsive. Zach and Cody are obnoxious, Wizards of...says it all right there, and the rest is too mouthy or teenager-y (IMHO). Watching this channel is a rare thing.

Maybe I'll think of more later...Oh! I know..worship, play, drive...the list could go on and on.

Now it's your turn. Tell me about you.