Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is how we do it...Halloween

Or..maybe how we DON'T do it.

People are always shocked or surprised to learn we don't celebrate Halloween. Our young family never has, and never will.

What we do instead? Nothing. We go about like we do any other day. Sometimes we've made it a point to go somewhere just to get out of the house, but otherwise we do nothing. Except maybe talk about Martin Luther nailing up his 95 thesis.

I could go on and on about why we don't do Halloween. Maybe I even will.

You wanna know what gets me the most riled up? It's the fact that people act offended when they find out we don't celebrate Halloween.( I only tell if we're asked.) They raise their eyebrows at us, clam up and say, "oh." or completely forget and have to be reminded over and over again that we won't be participating.

I don't condemn those of you that feel Halloween is okay. I would never dream of pounding you over the head repeatedly with my beliefs. So please! Don't look at me like we're freaks because we don't trick or treat.

Recently someone told me to not think of Halloween as Halloween. Instead, we should think of it as a celebration of friends getting together and having fun.


Can we really remove ourselves from the true meaning of all those things that embodies this day? nah..I dont' think so.