Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home School Forgetfulness

We've done some form of homeschooling now for the past 5years (this is our sixth...time flies!) Every year I make the resolution to take more pictures. I want to take more pictures. I plan to take more pictures, but have I remembered to carry a camera? No.

Until now.

I thought I loved my camera. It was a good price and took excellent quality pictures. The batteries even lasted a long time. Perfect. So I thought.

The problem was with the user. See, it wasn't one of those tricky knows-a-special-moment cameras. Unfortunately it was the kind I actually had to pick up and use. The problem was I was always, ALWAYS forgetting it.

Then Hubs and I made a trip to the zoo (together! what a shock, he's usually working) and his camera somehow made it into my purse-even though neither one of us remembered to use it. When I realized what happened I left it there thinking I'd remember where he put it. He still hasn't asked for it.

The thing about leaving his camera in my purse? Now I actually use it!

I know. Brilliant!

His camera has found a new permanent home in the side pocket, the former lonely abode of feminine products we ladies use ;) Move over mini's, there's a new kid in the town! His name is Samsung.

The best part is this camera is smaller than my old one, uses less batteries (unless one forgets to power it down ...), and still takes pretty okay pictures. I now have pictures of all those places we go-even the happy accidental educational experiences: Like the day we went to the library and realized we were just in time for story time.

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