Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My journey into weighing down

A few weeks ago my 5yo thought it would be "fun" to get the bathroom scale out and make everyone hop on. I complied, thinking I knew what the reading would say. When I got on I swear someone said ouch. Okay, it was me, but ouch, it was high. And I had no idea! How could it have crept up to that number without my knowledge???? I decided right then to do something about it.

I don't know what compelled me (oh wait, yes I do)but I decided to start adding more protein into my diet. Protein was always the condiment in my meal planning. I always made sure to include some but really it never took center stage. I had stumbled onto a yahoo article laying out the amount of protein I should be eating in a day. A whopping 52 grams (for me) per day was recomended. What a daunting task for this former vegetarian. I decided though, to give it a go.

I started simply. I cut out sugar, most of which was working it's way into my diet in the form of a nice fizzy soda a few days a week. Really, it was as if God was prepping me for this journey because a few days before I had happened to see a stevia/sugar mix in the Wally mart of all places and decided to pick it up. (pure stevia I have found just way too bitter) I already had a good solid base of nutrition. The problem was the amount I was eating...too little. I'm a breakfast skipper. A late lunch picker. A dinner only kinda gal. I realize I was telling my body it was starving and to store what I was taking in.

I'll not bore you with all the details. I'm 3 weeks in now and down around 10 pounds (that scale of mine needs replaced! ) I feel thinner, even if it's only a placebo feeling. I want to keep going though. Ideally I'd like to be my pre-baby #2 weight (which I will not share with you). I felt good then, I looked good then, and I moved well then. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I've made a first goal of losing only a percentage of my highest weight (an old but good trick). I think I'll do a happy dance when I get there.

I wish I lost weight as rapidly as I did when I was 10 years younger. All I had to do then was think about losing weight and it came right off. This 10 pounds has been the slowest 10 I've ever lost! (and really, my scale is so sketchy I'm not even sure 10 is accurate!)