Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been having a bad coupla days. It's just me. Nothing else. Just feeling tired, lumpy, irritated at myself.

So far today I have accomplished: (maybe it will help if I can see it.)

a trip to the bank.

paying hubby's credit card bill online.

making a cup of tea.

waking the kids up almost an hour earlier.

putting a load of laundry into the washer. ( I never said I started it though.)

placing a call about theater tickets.

almost ordering checks. I've been down to 2 for a year now and down to 3 for 2 years and before that it was '06 since I regularly used my checkbook. wow. (online bill paying is great)

updating my facebook "thought of the day."

answering the return call for theater tickets.

paying for theater tickets.

typing exactly one blogpost.

There ya go. I guess my day hasn't been a complete waste. The girls are actually watching Sesame Streetish (except it's not 'cause Sesame Street is already over). I think they are also eating (11 year old is pretty good at just getting herself something if she's hungry. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch.) When they are done we'll start the school day. Yippee.