Sunday, August 17, 2008

My latest project

I know I have mentioned painting my house more than one time on this blog that I've been wanting to paint. I know I've even mentioned more than once that I've been procrastinating on doing it...Well...drumroll please...

I have moved past the thinking stage, clear on through the thinking about how to execute stage, through color choices, buying the paint and onto...oh, really a drumroll here would be great....PAINTING!

I KNOW! shock of all shocks I broke down and starting the project. I worked Tues.-Friday of last week. I spackled, I sanded, I primed, scrubbed and painted. I would have been able to finish on Saturday but I was at The Call, y'all. (oh, I know it rhymes.)

I am still so tired. I've wanted to nap all day, but I'm saving it up for a great night's sleep tonight.

I'll (maybe) post some before, during, and after pics-If you're good. 10yo took an oh-so-lovely picture of me painting the wall behind the fridge. I'm sure I look just so cute.

I'm still marinating all that occured in D.C.