Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ihop Prayer room has FREE web cast during the Global Bridegroom Fast the first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of each month. Yippee!!! I can get my prayer room fix.

Go! Run over there, and get some prayer or worship time in. You know you'll feel better afterwards.

It's not like I'm not capable of subscribing for myself. It's just $10 for unlimited access to the prayer room. 24/7 intercession, praise, and worship. I just wasn't home very much in the month of July to really have the time to remember to do it.

BTW, I don't mind so much that my gift subscription wasn't renewed. I was hoping that it was just a temporary glitch. I wish I would have just had a heads up.

That's all people. Now you may click the little linky thing above and head right over to IHOP. If you go right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW! they will be playing the most beautiful violin/piano ethereal soaking and worship music.

No...really. Go now.