Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm home...sort of...

We just got in the door from a long return trip home from Virginia.

It was such a nice week. As with any adventure, the full impact has yet to hit me. It was just nice to be tucked away in a safe little bubble. (even if the weather didn't always cooperate.)

No school.
No phone.
No Internet.
No television.
No newspaper.

Just me, Jesus, 2 little girls, and 2 proud grandparents surrounded by trees, rain, and other happy people.

It was very hard to pack up to come home. Especially for 10yo. She found her niche.

She was surrounded by kids who spoke her God language. They were free to dance, sing, jump, shout, wave flags, or simply lay down and rest in the presence of the Lord. They even had a chance to sculpt. I watched her come alive.

I knew it being a holiday weekend that no matter which way we drove, there would be delays or traffic. I chose to take a chance and go through DC instead of my parents' old standard route that bypassed it. I took it on the way and it cut off almost an hour.-We didn't hit a bit of traffic though.

Starting out was pretty good, but then we came to the part where 95 split into a million different directions. I had a hunch it was one way, but second guessed myself, asked someone else to double check the map, and then proceeded to follow one of their suggestions. The route got us home, ...but it was definitely the scenic route through DC instead of the quicker one around it. Not really all that bad, but it did add a little time. At least 10yo got to see a bit of the city. She was hoping we'd have time to stop along the way for a quick tour. All in due time. I'm now pretty confident that I could drive in or around DC with little difficulty.

I should also mention that it also added a good bit of time wiggling around through a town in Maryland trying to find the bleedin' Cracker Barrel.

What's with that state anyway?! It seems like anywhere I tried to stop to take a pee we had to search and search for the promised gas station or Mickey D's. It must be against the law to put up one of those beloved Golden Arches- much less the standard 1000 foot tall Cracker Barrel square. We just needed to eat and relieve ourselves. Why did it have to be so hard? I totally wish there was a State of Maryland Complaint Department. I would SO be hitting up the toll free number!

I enjoyed catching up on all 60 of my emails when we go home. (well, if you call mom and dad's house home. It's much easier to just stay here for church tomorrow than to go home and come back.)

And I did try to take pictures this time. Really I did. just didn't realze my camera batteries were low and didn't want to take the time out to buy some new ones. Oh well... there's always next year.

I think I'm bound for bed now ...... ..