Friday, August 1, 2008

'Member that post?

You know the one where I quoted Trent Resner and Johnny Cash..."I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel."

Yeah, that one. Why do I keep doing it to myself. It's like a little test to see if I'm really okay or something. (and no, I still don't mean self mutilation here folks, I'm talking metaphors) I did it then and I did it today. It's like sucking air through a cavity just to make sure it still hurts. Duh. You know it will until you get it fixed. So today I guess I sucked a little air. I thought I had that darn thing fixed. Found out...I didn't.

My hands are shaky and heavy and I feel like I could easily slip into "complete mess" mode. Why did I do that? I was feeling really good.

See, here's where self determination steps in. I knew when I blew air through that little hole there was a chance that it would still send shock waves through my spine. I had my guard up, so it wasn't a complete surprise. Nope. I knew it might hurt. It did. Now what?

I'm not gonna let it lick me, that's what. I'm not gonna let it sneak up on me again and attack me and have me all undone. No. I let it happen before. Willingly. I did it to me. This time, One more time, I'm climbing back on top.

You heard me. You will not have me you blasted aching tooth!!! As soon as I'm done typing up this post, I'm off to my prayer closet for a little more dental work. I may have to have a little cry...but that's all part of being in the chair.

I'm so thankful that my Dentist has the best drugs...He knows how to doll them out liberally too.

This time I'm looking forward to the drill. I'll do anything to get that nagging aching pain as far away from me as possible!