Monday, November 26, 2007

"We just spent our last....

$240 dollars on this here puddin."

Does anyone remember that skit from the 90's sketch comedy show The State? I just watched it on youtube. Still hilarious to me after all these years!!

I was curious as to exactly how much that same $240 worth of pudding in 1995 would cost today. I found a nifty little gadget called an inflation calculator. It's major fault is that it only calculates inflation for 2006. I'm gonna guess since everything seems to cost me more money now (even in the last year) that the price would be somewhat higher than the '06 quote.

So exactly how much would that pudding cost today? $314.82.

That's a whole lotta puddin. awwwyeah!

Just for fun, here's a pic of me from the summer of 94. Note how pathetically tired I look. We were at a christian music festival and staying up most of the night. Makes me shudder to look at it.

But look at that view behind me.