Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, which begs the question, are you an online shopper? I have been known to pick up a few things here and there on the net, but for the most part I enjoy getting out for the hands on experience. I like to be able to pick something up, turn it over, shake it, push all it's buttons, and most importantly, see how noisy the darn thing is. 8D

This year I may be doing more of my shopping online. I am finding that as my children are getting older and my husband is away more and more, it's difficult to find the time to shop. I never really have a day alone to even accomplish this. My 4 year old has never known what it feels like for mommy to go off to work, so she's not really keen on staying with someone else-even grandma. I think she's afraid she's missing out on something really exciting. If only she knew that during mommy's last dental appointment she was having a root canal done without the aid of Novocain. (mommy is very hard to numb and no matter how hard the dear old doc tried, it just wasn't working-Those were some of the most painful moments of my life!) She was the one who cried for an hour, not me.