Thursday, November 15, 2007

No time to blog

To my "many" readers I must apologize for not blogging much lately. I've been very busy around the house. Between homeschooling, regular housework and the regular busy week activities we have been doing some outside work. I know, we started late. This is not my choosing. It was the best I could do. My husband works 2 hours away and is only home one day a week ( he works a full 12 hour day 6 days a week-poor guy). The work that needed done was the kind of heavy lifting work better left to a man. I politely asked my dad several time and finally caught him on a day when he was in the mood to work. Actually, it was a conspiracy. My mom and I bought the stuff and she told him the following day that they were coming over to help me work. So with my dad's help, on one of our yet still warm and sunny days, I put up new plastic on our semi-closed in porch. My plan was to then go pick out a deep freeze and have it delivered, but to my surprise a neighbor of my parents had a used one sitting out for only $40. I was stoked and paid for it. I was even happier when the man offered to deliver (without my asking) for no additional charge. YAYYYYY!!!! I saved around $300 dollars by buying it used. Before the man could deliver it though, we had to make some modifications on the semi-closed in porch. When we bought our place it had a very small patio (3x6ish) that was attached to the house. Under it was a large concrete slab and over the whole slab was a very nice roof. Last fall we closed in the roof area with half lattice and half plywood. It was an improvement but I still thought the small patio was in the way. This year before we could put the freezer out there, we ripped down the patio and left a small landing with some steps into the house. Now it is much more roomy, not only for the freezer, but the kids as well. Now they have some place to ride their scooters or bounce a ball in the middle of winter.

I'm content.