Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Silkies

For those of you that have never heard of them, Silkie chickens are a bantam sized chicken(that means small) that are soft and fluffy like goose down. They are oh so friendly and very very cute! One of our hens just hatched out 3 chicks! (I say they're ours because my kids went with grandpa and helped pick them out at a livestock auction and paid for them. They can't live with us, but our hearts are with them.) How cute! The babies are sooo tiny. I took a few pics on my cell phone, my digital was out of batteries. I'll try to get more pics on Thanksgiving when we'll be back to my parents house.

I found these pics on the net at

Partridge Silkie chicks
Photo courtesy of Lisa Stag

Our babies look very similar to this one. I think this one is older than our 3-4 day old babies. Note the little feathers starting to grow in on the wing tips in this image.

Partridge hen
Photos courtesy of Kris Kraeuter, Brushyrun Heritage Poultry

We have a total of 3 of these beauties. Our partridge Roo is just as gorgeous. I haven't found a photo on the net of one that even comes close.