Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Thanksgiving thoughts

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. In recent years this has not always been so. Last year my uncle was left very weak from fighting pneumonia over the summer. The antibiotics ruined his kidneys and his immune system was so compromised. He was so sick. He gave up the battle and died the first part of February.

In addition to recent illness in the immediate family there has been some family friction with the addition of a new in-law. This year seemed to be much more peaceful, even if we walked on eggshells a bit.

The weather today feels much more seasonable. It's COLD and 'spitting' snow. I think it feels extra cold since we had a few very warm days this week.

I have a nice tired out feeling. We rented a few movies which we'll be watching as soon as I hop off the computer.

Be blessed!!