Tuesday, November 6, 2007

got milk?

After looking for several months, we recently found a source for raw milk. (They are the only dairy farm in the county licensed to sell raw milk.) This is the second week we have bought from them. Dd4 loves it! After the first gallon was gone, which only took 2 days versus the normal 7-10 with grocery story milk, she cried and said "I want some more raw milk." This time we bought a gallon and a half. It should last us longer this time because some of the novelty has worn off.

If you have never tried this yummy milk in it's original form, you are really missing out! I am not normally a milk drinker, never was. The thought always grossed me out. Even I, a non milk drinker, really like the stuff. I love that it's from a farm that treats their animals the way I would, and the milk is in the state it was intended to be in. It's so fresh too! We bought our milk at 5:30. They had just finished the milking for the evening and said our milk was from that night. When we came home, we enjoyed milk that was merely an hour "old." It was thick and creamy. It tastes great in coffee too! No need to buy creamer anymore. I simply add the whole milk from the jar without shaking it first. The cream always rises to the top. I can't say enough.

Don't believe me? Read this.