Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tippy Tuesday...aluminum foil.

I have stainless steel cookware. I love it and am not sorry I gave up the nonstick! Sometimes though, I do miss the convenience of just a quick wipe around the pan when it comes to clean up. If you have stainless steel too, then you know what I'm talking about.

I don't care how carefully you preheat the pan, or de-glaze, or keep your heat just right. It's inevitable that you will get a cruddy pan at some point.

Enter pot scratchers. I hate them. The nylon ones get goopy, steel wool rusts, stainless steel wool gets crud up inside it, and soap pads seem like a waste when I only need to clean a small pan. (not to mention they get that rusty smell too)

One day as I was staring at a pan and dreading getting out a soap pad, the idea struck me. Hadn't I seen somewhere to try aluminum foil? I had just bought a inexpensive roll and thought , "Why not."

I ripped a small section off, balled it up, and went to work. Wow! It actually did the job.

No more smelly soap pads or steel wool for me!

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