Thursday, February 5, 2009

a potpourri of posts

Am I running out of things to say??? gasp. Perish the thought. It's actually quite a challenge to post everyday. Then there are some days when I can think of more than I can shake a stick at. Feast or famine.

The sun is shining today, which is a good thing. I missed it. I felt pretty tired and drained yesterday. I ended up sleeping for around 9 1/2 hours last night. Then I still had to drag myself out of bed. I must remember to get my brain out in the sun for a while today.

Lastly, I worked up a 2 week list of meals for lunch and dinner. If I have something to plan off of, it just makes it much easier. If I don't assign a day, I can just wake up and decide what we'll have as the day comes. I usually like to fill it all in a chart, but Hey! I'm walking on the wild side! Ha! I'm so lame.

Here's the List: More for me than for you.

Omelets w/spinach&feta
grilled ham/cheese
veggie burgers
salad w/ salmon or tuna
quick mac&cheese
fishsticks (5yo request)
leftovers (the best lunch!!)

lasagna soup
chicken enchilada
lemon pepper fish
pork chops, mac &cheese, stewed tomatoes
pot roast w/ carrots &potatoes
oven fried chicken breasts
roast chicken
german pizza
cheese tetrazinni
chicken and dumplings