Friday, January 2, 2009

WIth the sweet

....comes bitter.

I've been revelling in such a bright outlook for the new year: loving life and praising God for His faithfulness to see me through.

Wednesday we got a message from my Grandma that she had called the ambulance for our Chester (legally a step-grandfather). He was vomiting and unable to move. They took him to the hospital and decided that the amount of heart medicine they had placed him on shortly after Thanksgiving was too high. By Wednesday night we heard that he had an episode in the MRI machine. Yesterday we learned he was on a ventilator, running a temp, and on antibiotics. Today, he has slipped into a coma.

He's been so strong and robust even in his old age. It's hard to hear of him being struck down like this: and at the hand of medicine! Too much "rat poison" made his brain bleed. They did to him what we do to the unwanted in our homes and barns. I feel sick and angry at the whole idea.

Today we'll drive to see him. Maybe utter our last goodbyes. And I feel angry. Angry at death. Angry at sickness. Angry that we are but dust.

And longing for the day the He'll return back to earth and death will no more rear it's ugly head.

Come quickly Lord, Jesus!