Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creating an Atmosphere

If you read around my blog much, you would see that my relationship with the Lord is the one thing I consistently write about. I can only think the reason for this is because He is the one constant in my life. Things around me change, people change, seasons change. He is the Unchangeable.

I try to cultivate this oneness of mind and heart in my children as well. I don't preach or lecture them, but rather I try to let my life be the example. He is so real to me that it's natural that I talk about Him, and want to be near Him. One of the things that helps me to keep Him at the forefront of our thoughts is to create an atmosphere of praise.

One of the biggest helps in creating this atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving is playing music throughout our day. Our favorite source for this is Elijah Streams Internet Radio. They not only play great music, but they also read scripture set to pleasant music. All this, and it's commercial free, too!
Live, streaming music works for me. For more of what works, hop on over to Rocks in my Dryer.