Friday, January 23, 2009

Tid bits

I've been trying to keep my nose to the grindstone this past week. This time of year is always great for getting a good amount accomplished in school.

Unfortunatly, this is also the time of year when the house looks it's worst. The days are cold, we don't go out as much, and we get to feeling kinda home-ish. You'd think that would be good but it isn't. Because we're home more, something happens to the messy level of everyone. Even I, who can't stand disorder, tend to get a little slack with my chores. I hate it, but something happens to my brain and I just let it slide. Things slide and I feel grouchy that's it's messy, but obviously not grouchy enough to crack down. Other years I've just chalked it up to the winter blues. This year I have not had even a touch of the winter blues. So it's not the winter blues. Instead it's just a good case of cold weather lazies? I dunno.

Speaking of winter blues....I am so thankful that despite circumstances that have surrounded us, I haven't had the slightest sympton. Is it all the vitamins I'm taking? or is the Lord just that good to me?

I'll give the Big Guy the credit. He deserves it.

So that's all. I have no witty antecdotes, no big philosophical type thoughts. Just an honest review of my housekeeping skills this past week or two and a glowing report of what an awesome, accomplished homeschooling mom I am.

Why can't I be both at the same time????