Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're having a cold snap. An artic cold snap. Tempertures not rising, isn't surprising, it's certainly Jan-Jan- uary. (fifty points if you know the correct lyrics to the song.)

Temperatures here this week have been a balmy 10 degrees. Tomorrows high is supposed to be around 4. Oddly enough, instead of feeling irritated that it's so cold, I feel rather refreshed and invigorated. There's something about those super cold clear days that clear my mind. The sunshine is bright. The skies are blue and it's positively beautiful. We've had snow off and on all week too. Not those big record dumps-just a few inches throughout the day.

Instead of complaining that I'm cold (which I am) I feel grateful. On these cold icy days I'm reminded that spring is not far away. Summer days will soon follow. We will have rain and mudpuddles and days of earthy sunshine that sinks into every part of me. Days like we're having now make the days I dream about that much more enjoyable. Life is the same way. If we never had the sad or difficult times we would never fully appreciate those moments of joy.

It's all about prespective. Some states are havng temperatures in the -20's. Imagine. I just can't. Woh.