Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tippy Tuesday

My tip for the week may seem like a no-brainer to many of you, but I gotta tell ya, it's a lesson I learned the hard way.

When defrosting meat from the freezer be sure to place it in a bowl (or other solid type container) before placing in the fridge to defrost. Don't forget to place that bowl of defrosting meat on the bottom most shelf of your fridge.

If you don't heed my hard learned advice the following scenario may (and will eventually) take place:
You place that carefully wrapped piece of meat in your fridge in it's package that it was frozen in. You figure to yourself, "Hey, it kept it from being freezer burnt, should be okay." Two days later when you are ready to prep that said piece of beef, chicken, pork etc. for the next day's crock pot meal, you will discover that the "fail proof" packaging had a very small tear in it which has allowed all that gross, GROSS blood that has leached out of your defrosted meat to leak all over the bottom (or top) of your fridge. When you go to pick it up so you can mop it up, and disinfect the area, you will realize that it has dripped down into the drip pan section of your fridge( or worse yet, all your shelves that house food). You will then have to remove every item from the infected (and affected) shelf/shelves and clean your fridge right before bedtime. Not only will you find yourself wiping up the shelves, but you will find yourself dipping all your lemons (that you just bought and haphazardly placed into the fridge) into a solution of bleach water. The idea of throwing those beauties in the trash will make you cringe.

Please, just save yourself the trouble, and put that defrosting meat into a bowl, and place that bowl on the bottom shelf. (I'm thankful I at least had enough autopiloted sense to put the meat on the bottom shelf!)

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