Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Workin' 9-5

....except it was more like 12-12.. Who says SAHM's don't work?!

Last week I pretty much blew off homeschooling for a few days. What did we do instead?

To start off we all 3 overslept. (sound familiar?) It seems to always happen on Tuesdays. Then I've got to force everyone to hurry and eat breakfast and get dressed when they'd rather lounge and loaf. ( I guess Mondays are just too much for us.)

I looked around and realized that our house looked like a national disaster area, and was in desperate need of attention. Amazing how that happens with the addition of just 1 extra person being around.

So I laced up my shoes and jumped right in. But I'm like the Pig and the Pancake or the Mouse and the Cookie...

"If you give The Momma a chore she'll noticec that something else needs to be put away. When she goes to put it way, she'll see that where it belongs needs to be reorganized. When she goes to reorganize she finds not everything fits in it's old home.

She will then decide to move the furniture in order to give it all a fresh look, only to find it didn't fit that way and needs to be moved again. Which will lead her to discover that although the room looked clean, indeed it was not.

So she'll dump everything out of the drawers-clothes toys and everything in between, and sort it all out. Which will make her realize that the living room is now messier than she could go to bed and not think about.

She will then totally dig everything out of it. And realize she is hungry.

When she goes to fix something to eat she'll see that she had not washed dishes from lunch, so..."

I just pretty much kept going until it was so late that all of us should have been in bed. Nothing was spared. I even did a few loads of laundry.

It was fully 2am before I could even shut off the light beside the bed to try and sleep. Somewhere in the middle of a medical mystery show I finally nodded off.

The next day I almost got right back at it, except I knew the phone man was coming and I just couldn't rest thinking that I blew off 2 whole days of homeschooling( Mondays are often a wash because Daddy is home for his weekly day off)

I should have taken pictures of the bedroom looking like a puzzle, but I was trapped behind some bunk beds for quite a while! I think I pulled a muscle. I NEVER know when I'm over doing it until it's too late.

The not so happy ending to this story....It's a week later, and I can barely tell I did anything.