Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stay away!!!

ba da bum ba baaaaa!!!

not loving it.

We've been boycotting fast foods for months. We broke our boycott last June and ate a breakfast on the fly (which was okay) before hitting the zoo.

Yesterday we were so busy there was no time to eat. French fries started to sound good, so we again broke with our boycott and ordered some chicken snack wraps and fries. (5yo ordered nuggets.)

I was surprised by the lack of taste in any of the food. Everything seemed flat. Nothing tasted like real food. We were sorry we even bothered. Our "treat" turned into a trick.

Our reasons for boycotting fast food were reinforced. How can people eat that stuff? How did we ever eat that stuff? Seriously, even 5yo wasn't impressed, and she's well...5. The only thing she liked was the mini Barbie that came with it-That and the ranch she dipped everything in. I guess it covered up the "taste" of it all.

All I gotta say it blech! It really was gross. I appreciate the good food I'm able to make from scratch in just a little bit of time.