Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am by nature a saver not a spender. I'm also one of those people who panic at clutter (wish my family joined me on that one...it would make life run so much more smoothly).

So being a cheapskate neatfreak has brought me to the place of making many of my own cleaning products. My favorite one is...well...it isn't really meant for cleaning.

I love my homemade room spray! I was first inspired by this spray several years ago. We stumbled upon it quite by accident. My mum ordered some herbs from a very she-she lah-lah company ( I think there was a sale...) and as a bonus they sent an air sanitizer.

It was heavenly I tell ya! A pretty cobalt blue spray bottle that emitted a fragrance so energizing and uplifting-and a little squirt was all it took.

My brother, living at home at the time, found that lovely little bottle of heaven and decided it would make a perfect truck spray-Big rig that is. It was a mystery where that bottle o' goodness had gotten too, until he asked where he could buy more!

Well, knowing that it cost more than it should, we did what all good spendthrifts do...we did without it. 8D

That is until one of us stumbled upon the recipe.

It is now one of my favorite things to make, and it's customizable.

Here's what you need:
a small spray bottle (the kind you find in the travel section of the health and beauty aisle is perfect!)
alcohol (rubbing alcohol, or some cheap vodka will do if you don't feel weird buying it)
essential oils (your choice) To replicate the little blue bottle of gold you'll need sweet orange and eucalyptus

Fill bottle about 1/3 full of water. Add around 12 drops of essential oils (more if you have a bottle bigger than a 2oz or want it extra fragrant!)

Fill to the top with alcohol.

Shake well before spraying.

I love to spray my pillows and mattress before I put on fresh sheets. I'm also known to mist the curtains near the bed too, although I'm not sure it won't stain. Spray fabrics at your own risk.

Recently we had a fish fry with the family. The spray was a life saver after all was said and done. Instead of fish, the air smelled clean, fresh and invigorating.

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