Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"Forerunner Music has recently launched a fresh new look on the web and is offering a FREE ALBUM download that is available now! Just go to

Enjoy, and tell your friends!"

SQUEEEEE!!! I love free stuff that's truly free!

I just downloaded 13 songs for free!! The only catch, if you consider it a catch, is that you have to be a first time register at the new site. I was,'s a new website...and was able to download some lovely music.

My favorites so far: Light of Your Face-Misty Edwards, Glory Will Cover the Earth-Justin Rizzo, Alabaster Box-Julie Meyer, and See the Way-Misty Edwards.

I am still listening so this list will change-probably to include most if not all the songs. 8D

If I were truly tech savvy I'd figure out a way to incorporate them into my project playlist. I'm just not that good.