Friday, July 24, 2009

My status followed by a lovely email...Enjoy.

In honor of my birthday and the fact that my kids are coughing their guts out, I bring to you The Facebook Status.

You're welcome.

"Okay, here's the thing....If you or your child is sick, please do the world a favor and stay home. I know that you want to take you or your sick kid to that wonderfully awesome event (fill in the blank) but before you do please remember that your sick germs are better left at home. Think of it as your gift to the world. You will feel very proud of yourself for saving some parent a 1 am run to Walmart for cough syrup because their kid can't sleep. You will feel good knowing that you have taken that extra step to prevent the sleepless night of another. You will feel so very superior because YOU,...are a good parent.

Thank you. That is all. Good night....(maybe, cause really that coughing is driving me a little batty, I MAY just have to run to The Walmart for that stupid cough syrup so I can get to sleep.)

Okay, now for sure that is all.


Below you will find a snark filled email typed at 1:30 because, as you may have guessed, my children really did catch some other kid's sick germs and are now coughing so hard that they cannot sleep, therefore, I cannot sleep. No, I do not have any medicine in the house because they just started The Coughing and it's summertime and we haven't been sick for over a year.


Dear "Friend"

I may or may not want to hang out tomorrow. I feel sickish tonight. It could be because it's late and I'm tired, or it could be corn allergies considering that there is a corn field 100 feet from my house, but I'm going to go with the feeling sickish thing because both ________ and ______ were running mystery fevers earlier in the week and are both now coughing. My nose started to feel stuffy today and my throat is a little sore. Plus, I totally fell asleep for almost 2 hours today at lunchtime. I'm really loving that parent that felt the need to bring their sick, grumpy, feverish child to the parent/child day at bible school last Saturday. I just love how people love to share. Just warms my heart.

Yes, I am tired.

Yes, it is late.

Anyway, I'll try to quit my snarkiness now.

I am feeling better about this coming year. I found out that ________Library has community rooms as well as _______. I haven't had the gumption to call either to find out what they cost or if they would be available on a weekly basis for us. I did however email about "another co-op" (although you know how I kinda feel about that option) and I got info on a group that meets in _____. Also, I found 2 science books I like. I was also thinking that if we can find a room that we might as well just go ahead and do _____and _______'s courses. Otherwise, it may not prove to be very fruitful for "Other Friend" to bring either of them.

I also woke up today and realized several things:
1. I no longer feel sad about _____ leaving coop.
2. I no longer feel sad at the possibility of co-op being over forever.
3. I am very good at steeling myself and feeling no emotion whatsoever.
4. It's a gift.
5. And a curse.

____ has been coughing and coughing so hard that she is awake, of course, and grumpy. I may seriously have to go to Walmart because I don't have any Tussin in the house.

Talk to you Friday.

Now I realize that is just more kinda fun than you all can even shake a stick at. I will analyze why it is all so funny (and how it shows what a moron I am) when I am feeling less tired, less sore throaty, and definately less snarky.


The coughing has stopped. A trip to walmart at this time of the night may no longer be necesarry.

Praise the Lord.

My benedryl is now also kicking in.

Goodnight again.