Friday, July 10, 2009

The 90 Day Challenge

A few weeks ago one of the bloggers on my Reader Feed posted a bit about reading the Bible in 90 days. It was to start June 1 and run all summer long. By the time I knew about it, I was several weeks behind. Something inside of me however said, take the challenge.

I started June 23 with Genesis 1:1. This part of the Old Testament is very familiar to me, but was such a blessing. As I carried on reading I got to the story of Moses and the children of Israel. I got bogged down a little through this passage, but kept plugging away. I'm behind of everybody else, I'm behind in my own schedule, but I can't tell you enough what a blessing this challenge has been.

I find myself thinking about the Word more often. I find myself blessed by what I've read. I find myself comforted to know that I have a Saviour. What I find most wonderful, is that by being in God's Word has rekindled the hunger and thirst within.

If you click over to the website you'll find many useful little tools and schedules. I particularly like the bookmark that has the schedule on it.

Now truthfully, this is probably a clever marketing tool for Zondervan to sell you one of their Bibles (because they have a Bible in 90 Days Bible, but I have just read along in my regular Bible and am just fine.

Don't be discouraged that you are "behind" the schedule. It really is such a blessing to embark on this challenge.

Be sure to scroll down the page to see the Family resource links. There's something there for every age group!