Saturday, May 2, 2009

What you get for the money.

This week I attended 2 used home school curriculum sales. Between the 2 I spent around $40.(actually a little less, but why do I need to explain myself???)

I feel a little guilty for spending that much, but that's only because I haven't had to buy anything for this year (or the years before for that matter). There were some specific items I was looking for and didn't find, and 2 unexpected items that I have thought I may buy and ended up finding.

The Prairie Primer(spiral bound)-$10-like new condition! I think I got a good deal on this...I didn't realize how good of a deal!

Pathway Readers-the first 8 books(hardbound, like new condition)-$20 I bought this from the same lady that was selling The Prairie Primer. I didn't get the extra worksbooks, but these books along retail for around $9.00 a piece!

Easy Grammar 5 and 6 -$4 This is something I have thought about for next year, but don't know if I'll use. At four bucks, I didn't want to be sorry I didn't buy it later.

What your 6th Grader needs to Know-$2 This one looks new too. For this price, I thought it would be good just for a reference book. $2????

Jr. Great Books Series Pegasus and Sun Series-$0 Like New, Never used My OlderDD used these in 1st
grade. There are some fun stories and activities in these.

Drive Through History America-$0 every thing I got looks new or VERY gently used. This makes me feel like I'm not using preowned curriculum. This is a companion to a series available on DVD, but TBN used to air the shows late night. I'm going to see if I can set my dvr to record them!

Drill It Grammar work Book-never used- FREE!

Squanto Friend of Pilgrims, Sacajawea Guide to Louis and Clark, Mattie May, The Fledging, The Sign of the Beaver, Jumbo Bible Fun (crosswords and more) -FREE!
My kids loved going through the free stuff. YoungerDD walked away with 6 learning cdroms.

A few books I spent 10-50 cents on, but we sure got a lot of stuff!

Overall, I'm quite pleased. I'm just not sure how I will use it all, or WHERE I will store it.

I was hoping to find Singapore Math for Kindergarten, but I think I'll just have to order it!