Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Homeschool on the Cheap

Basically, I am...Frugal??(read cheap)

At the start of our home education we were part of a public charter. We used the k12 curriculum for grades k-4. My husband would not consent to me traditionally homeschooling so this was the next best thing. Finally he gave me the green light to branch out on our own for 5th grade (this year) but did so with some reservations. His biggest reason for not wanting me to homeschool traditionally was he didn't want me to spend a lot of money on curriculum when our tax dollars pay for a public education. I see his point, especially when one considers he is an immigrant that comes from a country without public education (at least when he was still there).

In order to keep Hubby happy, I got creative: use what I have, utilize the library, borrow things from friends, and in general am very blessed.

Ambleside Online is a great place to start looking for free curriculum. What isn't available in the public domain is usually available at our local library. We have loved %99 of the book selections. A Charlotte Mason education just seems to fit our family personality.

I don't think I would have spend anything on books for next year, except for the fact that I wanted to. Our tax refund just came so I am in book buying mode. Hubs is happy with the education that I am able to provide our girls and I think he feels proud at how much they are learning, although since he's not a wordy man, he's never really said...But the smiles say it all.

My final purchases for next year I completed today. I bought full price from cbd the following books: Trial and Triumph, Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten 2A, 2B (because I think these will transition nicely into the MEP math FREE curriculum which starts at grade 1) and a State History Book that was on special for less than $3.00. Did I mention I had a coupon for free shipping. I think I've done pretty well for next year.

I'm considering placing an order at Rod and Staff for their Bible reading and Music programs. Both are very economical and look like they are good solid programs( i can't be sure though as I've never used them). I am also eying 2 math textbooks on ebay that are less than $4.00 a piece. I don't technically need them, but they may make nice extra practice books.

Total purchases today-$37 and some change.
Total to date- less than $80 (this is for 2 children!)
I guess if I throw in a few of those extras I will still be right around $100. Not too shabby, (although I gotta admit it stings, just a little.)

Have fun looking at all those links. I know I gave a ton, but sometimes it's easier than trying to describe everything.