Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 days and counting

I happen to live in a state where there are quite a few homeschool regulations. My friend moved from this state to Michigan two years ago and says she actually prefers the rules to having none (although I wonder if she's still feeling the same now that it's two years later.)

We have only 2 days left of school before we can be considered "done" for the year. I like to be done earlier than this, but it just didn't happen that way this year.

On a sadder note, our swimming pool m ay have bit the dust. It has sprung a few leaks, and while we are trying to patch them, the outlook isn't so hopeful. I just can't afford to replace what's broken so we may not be swimming this summer.

This is truly quite sad for us. We three girls love the water. I don't remember how to have summer without a back yard pool. I know we used to do it-but then again, I also used to work too. That didn't let much time to just lay poolside.

Oh well. Let's celebrate the final 2 days of school. Pool stuff will just have to work itself out.

I know I've been quite scarce of late. All apologies. I've been feeling rather uninspired.