Friday, July 4, 2008

To set at Liberty

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! I'm so truly thankful to be an American.

I live in a land of freedom where I can say and do (almost) anything I choose. I cannot imagine a life of forced labor or doors closed to me that would never open no matter how hard I may work or strive.

I live in a land of possibilities.

Freedom isn't cheap. It's paid for in blood. Blood shed by many who scarce could comprehend what they were dying for. Those simply fighting for what they believed to be right.

My freedom was paid for in blood.

I sought freedom from self-imposed bondage. I sought to break vows that I have made, and then beaten myself up over and over again for lacking the strength to follow through. I've struggled and fought and failed. Bound. Burdened. And then found liberty in being a captive to One who sees and knows me. I am truly free. His yoke is easy, and His burden so very light.

He formed me and knew me. He saw what I would be, and do and become. He knows my very thoughts and the wickedness of my ways. He knew and numbered my days.

I'm so amazed that though He surely had other plans and intentions for my life, He saw that I would stumble and fall and fail and stray from the chosen path, and still created ways of escape for me. He created them, even before I would need them. That is just so mind blowing to me. He knows me so well that he sees the traps I may fall into and sets up paths of freedom along the way.

Liberty I have in Him...He's captured me. I'm bound by love to Him. So free.

Oh, that I could write a song about my Redeemers love- A thousand tongues to sing the song of one set free.