Friday, July 18, 2008


It's always so good to reconnect with those you love. Today some of The Moms had decided to get together for a play day. I was not planning on attending-as much as it hurt me to skip it. I just felt I had way too much to tend to after being away from home for so long. 3 weeks of in and out is a long time in the life of a house, people. My carpets were calling out for a vacuum, and the luggage was begging to be put away.

The Moms wouldn't have it. No. One of them called me. "Are you okay? Are you home? Why won't we be seeing you?" All those well meaning plans to get things in order flew right back out the window. In her words, "It can all wait till tomorrow. We need to see you."

I just love friends like that. Hang it all, we needed a gab session!

So, what's a girl to do when invited to a last minute get together? Raid the pantry. In my case, there was very little there. What I came up with was a long English cucumber and a bag of Terra chips. I knew they would be good for something, so I put the goodies and the kids in the car and we were off.

Off to spend the day with the few people in the world who get me the best. Fellow SAH, homeschooling moms. It was so good to get my arms around those necks. It had been several weeks since we had seen one another. Long enough that we all had so much to gab about that the day went by so quickly and we weren't nearly done.

Oh, and the food? Just fine. Someone else brought ham and cheese, another had some PB&J, and another provided some grapejuice and homemade party mix. Good thing someone brought a vegetable. 2...well..okay one. Do Terra chips really count? All of it unplanned and so perfect. That's just what friends do.