Monday, May 5, 2008

What's Up

Other than being sick last week, I've been busy doing a few things. I went through and dug out everything from every cupboard, closet and storage area and tossed what I don't want anymore. Some of the stuff was too good to just be thrown out, so I boxed it up and put it aside for a yard sale this spring. I have only ever done 1 yard sale before, and made a fair amount of money off of used baby goods. This time around we have speakers, chargers, buffers, movies...oi! the list goes on. It'll be good to get rid of it and a real bonus to make a few bucks off of it. My next item on the to do list is to finish some outside painting, re-gravel the driveway, plant some spring/summer flowers, and then move inside for some painting. We have a lead on a property we have been looking at for several years and wishing would go on the market. It looks like it may sometime this summer! Yeah for us. If not, then we'll figure something out. Another year in this same place is doable, just not favorable.

In other news, I may be taking off on a jet plane to head to Florida for a week or so. One of the men in the church approached my dad (the pastor) Friday about sending him, my mom, and I to Florida to some meetings. This would be an answer to prayer as just Thursday we prayed and said if the Lord would provide a way, we'd like to go. None of us even mentioned it to this gentleman. God is good. Of course, my mind starts to doubt that it will happen. I looked up plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and rental car info for a group of 5 and it seems so pricey. I have a hard time believing someone would be that generous. Maybe he'll decide to just send my mom and dad. That would be okay too. I'm not technically on the ministry staff, although most of the people consider me part of the package. If it's the Lord's will I go, He can work it out.

Tomorrow 4yo will turn 5. Daddy is home today and not tomorrow, so the celebration starts today. We're off to buy a new bicycle and then to Olive Garden for lunch. My baby is getting so big. My how time flies.