Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bless him anyway

We got a phone call yesterday. Mr. Moneybags doesn't feel like he wants to spend so much money on plane tickets. It was one thing when he was sending my parents and I, but my parents had to remind him I also have 2 children that I can't leave at home alone. The man could well afford to send us, but...Oh anyway. God bless him.

I still want to go to that meeting. If God doesn't provide the funding to go, then I know He can still bless me here at home.

Oh, I'm so hungry. Since praying that prayer last week for the Lord to make me hunger and thirst for Him, I have indeed begun to do just that (in a greater way). Tonight as I was in the car driving home, I began to get so restless to be home and with the Lord. Burn me up LORD!!