Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David VS.

David. The Duel. How many of us called this one?

I like both of these guys. I don't even care who wins. Not that I ever really care all that much.

Tonight a little live bloggin'.

David and David make a few nice comments about one another...ahhh isn't that nice.

David Cook is up first with "Still haven't found What I'm lookin' for." I like it. Sounds very DC. I had to sing along. good song.

David Archuletta does one of my all time favorites "Don't let the sun go down." This is just one of those songs for me. I also really like this kid. We'll see if he brings it home for the chorus....

Sorry, I don't really know if he did or not. 5yo was in the bathtub and ready to be washed. What I heard sounded okay, but in no way compares to say, George Michael.

The second song of the for the boys are the ones written specifically for the contest. Sorry, I totally missed the names of the songs, but in my opinion David A.'s was a better written one.

The last song selection of the night was contestants choice.

David C. chose "The world I know." Again, that's a pretty good song. He did well with it. If I'm being honest though, I prefered David A.'s song rendition of "Imagine." Vocally, he totally outshines the other David while the other David generally has much more energetic performances.

The winner will be vocals vs. performance. I'd rather hear a great singer than watch a charismatic one. My pick? David A. But truthfully, it's either of their's to win.