Saturday, January 30, 2010

This and That

It's been a while since I last typed up a post. I've been feeling a little disjointed. Not really winter blue, not sad, or even yucky-just disorganized and unable to pull it together. I guess one can't have it all, so if I have to "fail" in some area this is the one I don't mind failing in right now. This may sound strange, but I gotta tell ya: I'll take a little disorganization over the winter blues ANY DAY! One can always clean, but it's quite difficult to feel good when the body isn't cooperating!

That stomach bug made it through all 3 of we girls. It was the strangest bug I've ever had. My stomach just hurt and felt uncomfortable for several weeks. WEEKS! No fever,vomiting or diarrhea though so I guess we fared alright.

On the positive side, January was a low grocery expenditure month for us! We ate what we felt we could from out of the freezer and cupboard. Little to no meat for several weeks which was okay. One night I was simply craving protein. Luckily I had 1 frozen steak and the girls didn't want any meat so I was able to cook it up for myself.

I think we're finally through it, but the past few nights Hubby has been complaining about his stomach not feeling quite right. Uh-oh!

The girls have be plugging away at school (although not accomplishing as much as I would like). The days have been cold but are noticeably longer so we've been still enjoying them just from the inside. Spring will be a welcomed site!