Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It was the cookies.

I blame it all on the cookies. I was doing so well with my whole healthy eating thing. Then Christmas came and I just couldn't imagine a Christmas without a few cookies and I resolved to bake some with less sugar. Suncrystals makes a great stevia/sugar blend for baking. I did well. I made a few batches (I went with a gingersnap, oatmeal, and Italian walnut cookies) and kept a few for us and gave some away to a diabetic friend.

Great. Yummy. I had a few cookies on Christmas.

Then Santa went and done did it! He brought us all chocolate truffles in our stockings and since I had already eaten a few cookies, what did a few truffles matter? And then what did a few more matter. And then since I had already caved to sugar, what did the rest of them matter. And then there was the crackers, and basically otherwise considered "healthy" snacks.

Sent me over the EDGE! Yup! Cuz right now?...I am going to pull a small batch of sun crystal oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven.

I have to get the crap foods back out of my diet. I have felt bloated and otherwise intestinally disrupted. I know it's the sugar (and flour!)

But before I get back on the health food train I'm going to eat a few more cookies and milk. Then I'll sit down and make out a shopping list and begin the begin once more.

BLAST those oh, so good cookies!