Monday, November 2, 2009

Spring forward, Fall behind

Changing leaves often serve as a visual reminder for me that cool temperatures are coming, days are growing shorter, and soon the dark and sometimes seemingly never-to-end days of winter are ahead. Often, the very idea of fall makes me feel a funk already starting to form about winter. This year, however, as well as last year, have been different for me. It never occurred to me before to pray and ask for help in the area of my loath of fall and winter.

Hallelujah, people, God answers prayer!

Last fall and winter were so much easier: No winter blues, No deep funk, and we have been weathering this fall as brightly as the changing leaves. Emotions are good. Relationships are good. God is good.

Now, why do people have to go and mess with that?!


Okay, really, it's not quite so bad as it could be.
I can't say that we're having any of the usual fall/winter related issues rather it seems that we've replaced one set of problems with another equally tricky one--We can't seem to roll our rear-ends outta the bed at a time I (or many others for that matter) would still consider morning. Okay, technically the clock hasn't got that "pm" button highlighted but really, it might as well be.

It seems my children have taken the "FALL BEHIND" message completely to heart. Later sleep times, later rising times, and the worst thing of all, later brain functioning times. I realize most people need some time in the morning to get there brain to motivate and function at the full alert level, but 'round here we're talking noon to afternoon until The Girls are ready for anything other than staring off into space.

Someone should really notify those Time People that they are totally messing up my schedule, because this is in no way, shape or form related to my parenting skills.

Happy Monday!