Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling Good

I have been feeling so good lately. I woke up one morning at the end of October and decided that it was time to do something about my health. 32 is looming ahead of me in July. I just am tired of feeling blah. Since I can't blame my physical health on anythbody but me, I am grabbing health by the horns and not letting go!

Yoga has been the new discovery for my family. I always hesitated to try it because of the spiritual roots from which it sprung. One day last week though, I decide that day would be the day to give it a whirl. I turned it on (Thank-you instant netflix!) and fell in love! The first time I was only able to do a portion of the workout. The next time, was the same, except I made it a little further. The next time I tried a different video by the same people and to my great surprise made it through the whole session!

It feels so good to stretch long and lean and feel my muscles burning to hold a pose. I guess it reminds me of my tumbling/cheerleading days. I used to love the stretch that went along with that, too!

What I really enjoyed about these particular videos is that while they use yoga terminology, and do focus on "healing yourself" they also focus on how to correctly do the poses, how to modify, and what they are helpful in strengthening. When they say something like, "Feel a light searching out all the achy places, healing it."
I just say to myself, "Thank you Lord, that you are my healer, and the Light."

I may be hooked?! and the bonus? My girls like it too!