Thursday, September 18, 2008

There's nothing like waking up...

-to find that you and your children have slept hours past your ideal wake up time.
-scurrying to get dressed and caught up with the day.
-"fighting" to be first in line in the bathroom.
-stopping off at the washer and dryer, halfdressed, to reboot the laundry so I can finally get caught up.
-walking out into your kitchen and finding a gleaming kitchen sink. ahhhhhh....

Thank you flylady. There really is something to it. As soon as I saw that gleaming shiny sink, my day got that much brighter. I looked around a minute. Bowls of peaches and apples on the CLEAN kitchen table. Countertops wiped down, with nothing, NOTHING sitting on them.

My day isn't so bad after all.

There's nothing like perspective. I may have started off sleeping too late, but what a present to find the kitchen so neat and orderly. I love that kind of stuff!

So with renewed spirit I walk over to my trusty computer to turn on some music to keep my light mood going. I need to hear something. I'm going through music withdrawal. I start to look through my lists of favorite music sites-then a thought occurs to me. Why not try out that Pandora Music thingy? Of all people to hear about it from, it was my MOTHER. My non-techy, non-hip-to-the-times mother. Am I really the last person on earth to know about this? I guess in my defense, she found it by accident after she got her new comp and was looking for the station I listen to.

Pandora's Box is not a title I enjoy, although I get it. It's a clever name. My first search was for David Ruis... it set me up with a station that they thought I would enjoy. It was playing Agnus Dei from Passion. It's a good song, and I listened for a minute, but...kinda mainstreamy. So I did another quick search for Misty Edwards and lo and behold...Misty came on singing a song I wasn't singing along to. Much better. I'm only on song number 3, which is a Rita Springer song that we love...I think I'll keep this on a while and see where it goes.

If you haven't heard of Pandora Radio, you could check it out too. Let me know what you think.