Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooling down....

...Breathing deeply. Allowing my muscles to relax. Typing a blogpost.

I just "lost it" with my children. I went into their room to retrieve something we needed for school today and I couldn't even get in the door. I wasn't completely surprised, because I had peeked in ( ever so slightly) at the door and knew some toys were out of place and needed attention. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE MONSTROSITY THAT LIE WITHIN. 5yo had run amuck! (a muck a muck a muck...10 points if you recognize where that line came from.) I first just gingerly pushed things aside, but then the full impact hit me. ALL of 10yo's warmer weather clothes were on the floor. ALL OF THEM! 5yo's weren't far behind. Babies, books, paper, coloring books...They started to swallow me.

It was gruesome I tell you.

Then mommy snapped... just a little. I usually refrain, but this time I could not.

"WHY IS ALL OF THIS ON THE FLOOR?!" you know what I heard as a reply? Silence. Crickets chirping. The clock ticking. No answer.

So The Momma said, "I'm too angry to continue with school right now. Your going to have to clean up first." and left the room. 10yo promptly started on the clothes, 5yo on the toys, and I sat down to a cross-word puzzle.