Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We finally caught Mr. Mousie!!!! It took 5 nights of setting more and more traps,the little booger managed to extricate himself off a glue trap first, but WE GOT HIM!

That little dirty beggar was ridiculously hard to catch. In fact so much so that I had almost convinced myself that he had found his way out of the house until I saw all the fur he left behind on the glue trap. I am so pleased he is now DEAD.

12yo was my hero on Sunday. I couldn't even look at the trap much less take it out. I thought I was going to have to knock on one of the neighbors' door and ask one of them to dispose of it, but she finally looked at me bravely and said she thought she could do it. She wrapped her arm in 3 shopping bags, turned her head and reached in.

I am so glad that ordeal is over. My nerves could not take it any longer. We had to spend 2 nights at my mom and dad's house.

That's the last I hope I ever have to deal with a mouse. At least for another 10 years!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here's a tip: Never leave your front door hanging open this time of year to air out cooking odors. We did Tuesday night and I happened to look over and see "something" run through the front door. I convinced myself that I was imagining things and put the kids to bed and waited up for my husband. When he got home he was relaxing in front of the computer to wind down before bed. I heard him say, "A mouse?!" Well, let’s just say there was crying, and jumping up on furniture, and lots of "kill it!!!!" exclamations. Finally my husband looks at me and says sharply, "It's just a mouse.”
Just a mouse? JUST a mouse? Oh I thought he knew me better than that! By this point the kids are u p, I'm in hysterical tears. Tired but can't go to sleep. My children had to walk me to the bathroom. Ya know..Just in "case."I'm trying to shove Isaac out the door to go buy traps to make sure it gets dead before morning. He wasn't really complying so I threw on my clothes and made a 3:30 am run to Wal-Mart-with my kids in tow, because by this point I had sufficiently freaked them out as well. By 4:30 the traps were set and I was finally in bed-in my kids room because my husband had seen the mouse try to run under our bedroom door. He scared it away and plugged up the bottom of the door, but the TERROR. I just could not get anywhere near that door.
It’s now Thursday morning. I have traps and glue traps and combo glue/snap traps set up all through my living room and kitchen. –Still no caught mouse. It was here FOR SURE yesterday morning because both girls saw it running around near my computer area. Maybe it found a way into the bedrooms despite the fact that my husband nailed thick pieces of foam under the door jams. (okay, maybe he understands the depths of my terror a little bit.) MAYBE it found a way out yesterday while we were running around with hubby like he says. MAYBE. But just to be safe…I’m buying so me more traps!
My only problem is what I’m going to do if I catch it…who’s gonna take it out of my house because you know where I’ll be?
Standing in the bathtub, waiting for the coast to be clear!