Monday, August 3, 2009

Roller Coastering

One day co-op is on. One day it is off only to find that the next day it is on again.

I'm just tired thinking about all that emotional thinkin' yall.

Really, I just love a good routine. On or off, I know we'll be okay. What I don't like is not knowing.

As of today, it's on, with just only 1 other of the original families. This may work, or it may not. Whatever happens I know God is in control.

Things feel stirred up, mixed around I.E. Ripe for change.

I keep thinking that God must have a greater plan in all of this. In the past every time I have been in a place where things seem uncertain and wide open, something always fills the gap. For the past 4 years that gap filler happened to be co-op. I met a wonderful bunch of like minded women that helped to support me, love me, and carry me through an otherwise difficult period in my life. If God can so specifically answer a prayer like that then surely He will do it again!

-Seeking Him,
The Momma