Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guess I'm in a bloggy kind of groove

2 consecutive posts! I haven't done that for a while.

I finally submitted our portfolio today. I called ahead to the school admin. offices to make sure when the office hours are AND to find out the magic abbra-cadabbra voo-doo stuff that one apparently needs to know in order to even ENTER the building. Oh, I kid...sort of. That place has 3 entrances (and it's not that big of a building) none of which are marked or appear to be the main entrance. After the call though, it really was pretty simple to find the correct office and enter the building.

Let this be a lesson. In the future when I am unsure of something, it's really okay to ask.

I'm really quite pleased at the warm and friendly interactions I've had with the school admin. thus far. I posted this blurb on my Facebook account today and one of my friends said the nicest thing in the comments. I'll just copy what she said cuz really it was so very nice.

"That is because you are an amazing person doing a superb job of educating your kids! How could you be anything but nice when faced with your organized approach to record keeping, the depth of your educational scope and sequence, and your amazing child's ability to produce lovely samples of her intellectual growth!"

And she was totally sincere, and not even after any kind of favor. She's just that wonderful! <3 I love my Mommy-friends!