Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Lord's Day

I have been reading a blog for a while that is very thought provoking. I appreciate this dear lady as she is a homemaker, a follower of Christ, and desires to be the best she can be. Recently she has posted about a new concept (for me anyway) about keeping sabbath. She provided a few links that I read and even bookmarked for further research. I have also decided to do some research of my own. I have been reading and reading as often as time permits. I can honestly say I haven't changed my position on how I keep a day separate unto the Lord, but I have sure enjoyed learning.

I love to learn. I love to explore new ideas. Sometimes I have changed my position on where I stand concerning some things, but that has been the exception, not the rule. I strive to follow the Lord's leading, not the leading of man. If I were to follow man, he would surely lead me down many wrong paths, in circles, and sideways. Even though I have sat in a church pew all of my life ( with the exception of a few years), and I have sat under a lot of teaching, I have not always gone the way of church doctrine. I have chosen instead to use my mind that God blessed me with and read the scriptures and allow God alone to lead me. This has often resulted in my not agreeing with the position of those in authority over me or fellow believers in Christ. I did not stop respecting those persons, but chose to continue to love and honor them as fellow believers and therefore my brother or sister.

I can't say I always did this. When I was a child I thought like a child. I followed my elders' examples and thought the way they thought because it must be right. I have since put away childish things and become a "man." My thinking has matured along with my attitudes and beliefs.

My dd and I had a conversation just the other day in the car. She was asking about denominations and why we have them. I loved having the opportunity to share with her once again that the way of men is folly. Men get so prideful and wrapped up in there own ideas that they insist that everyone else must be wrong. They take a bible verse out of context, both historical and biblical, and draw a line in the sand. They decide it's this way, no other and therefore lose sight of the forest and see only one tree. When that happens arguing ensues and yet another church split takes place. Sad indeed. How are we to show the love of Christ to the world, when we can't show it to one another?

Maybe another day I'll be able to articulate just how I feel about sabbath. Maybe I won't even bother trying. After all it's not about what I think, but rather about what God does.